Thursday, 11 October 2012

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The blog is currently undergoing a overhaul, but new posts and pictures should be up soon!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My little blog has now had over 10,000 views, makes me very happy to know that my ramblings have been shared with so many people. As ever I'll be taking part in lots of Railway Related activity over the next few months so pop back and see what I'm up to! Thanks for every visit!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What have I been up to?

Having not posted much since November, I feel the need to catch up with myself and my Railway Adventures. Unfortunately, I havent had a great deal of time to myself to partake in any modelling or many visits to anywhere railway related....on a social level.

However on a career front I have now achieved one of my dreams to work on the Railways, for Arriva Cross Country. I began back in late November taking a two week induction course down in Birmingham. I've since shadowed staff from Leeds aswell as working my roster from my depot here in Newcastle. I must say it is a different world altogether and loads of fun! My role sees me join XC services anywhere from Glasgow - Doncaster/Sheffield to check all passengers travel documents looking for fraudulent tickets and/or railcards and of course passengers who decide they don't want to pay! I also look after football fans and of course my personal favourite the drunken revellers on a Friday/Saturday night. Although the details of my job are much and varied that is a short overview of my duties.

In regards to any visits to anywhere railway related I haven't been anywhere as of the turn of the year looking forward to the galas and exhibitions I enjoyed last year.  I'm also volunteering my time to be part of the NRM's RailFest 2012 with a great line up of Loco's etc it should be a wonderful experience for me and everyone visiting.

My modelling has not gone further than cleaning and repairing a couple of loco's, however I've still managed to keep up the purchasing of new rolling stock which I will upload a few pictures of very soon.

So until then.....


Ok here's a first!

I've just returned from a late night jaunt to Newcastle Central Station to see for the first time ever a Class 390 Pendolino visit the North East. No. 390 055 entered the station at 23:45 and departed 6 minutes later to head south to Kings Cross after beginning its journey at Edinburgh Waverley on a trial run on the ECML.

One of the best looking Trains in the world and at last I've seen one at my home station! Without further ado, heres the pictures from just an hour ago...

Thunderbird Class 57 awaits what we've all come to see...
Class 390 Pendolino no. 390 055 stands for the first time in Newcastle
Central Station

Under the wires of the ECML on its first trial run


After 6 minutes inside of Central Station the Pendolino now ready
to head south to London Kings Cross
I've seen some wonderful sights past and present in this grand old station I'm proud to call my home, but I must admit this was a massive highlight. I was joined by a few other photographers but I can say I was there that night and one of the first to see what hopefully becomes a more regular visitor to the ECML.

Until next time....

Monday, 13 February 2012

A catch up....where to start?

Ok so here are some posts I have been meaning to get around to sharing for almost 3 months! My life has recently been consumed by learning the ropes of my new role as RPI at CrossCountry Trains as well as the Christmas period which always sets me back (not just in £££ either!)
Not to hesitate any further here’s a quick look at the Newcastle & Districts Exhibition back in early November 2011.

Sunday 6th November

Just a quick hop down the road to Gateshead International Stadium on a quiet Sunday morning, me and my Grandad went to see Newcastle & District Model Railway Society’s Annual exhibition. I only managed to take a few snaps of my favourite layouts as the battery on my camera was low…that’ll teach me not to forget to check them before I leave! Although in all honesty not the greatest of Exhibitions, there was still enough to check out in the 90 minutes or so we were here. One of the most poignant moments of any Model Railway Exhibition also happened here, as via radio being played over the hall tannoy, we stood and paid our respects to those who have fallen fighting in the Great War and unfortunately still do to this day. Remembrance Sunday at a Exhibition was surreal….the whole hall fell silent, all layouts came to an abrupt halt as we stood, heads bowed in complete silence for two minutes.

Here are the pics I managed to capture before I was paying respects to my battery life……

Until next time.....

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Deltic's meet again at Shildon

Saturday 8th October

My posts are getting like buses, none for a while then two come at once! Today I've been to this amazing event held at Locomotion, Shildon. I travelled down with my Nana & Grandad who'd agreed to join me, braving the wind and rain as we set off, golf brollies and winter coats joining us for the ride. It could have been torrential, it wouldn't have stopped me grabbing the chance to see the the 7 remaining Class 55's including the resident 'Deltic' prototype together again to celebrate their 50th 'Birthday', a real once in a lifetime oppurtunity to see these quite breathtaking loco's alongside one another.

We arrived at Locomotion just after the opening time of 10am. We took shelter from the morning showers in the Reception building that houses 'Sans Pariel', local legend Timothy Hackworth's most famous creation and decided to buy tickets for the short shuttle ride from here towards the collection building. In the many times I've visited the museum, I've never had the chance to jump on board and with the weather not being great, we topped up on tea and boarded the back of two brake vans hauled by a Class 03 diesel. We travelled along past the coal drops and under the road bridge. Here we'd be greeted by the magnificent seven.

Nana & Grandad take shelter in one of the Brake Vans, ready to head
towards the Collections Building, Tea in Hand!

Looking back at the Reception building

The Goods Shed, where we left from.

Soho Building, which was originally an iron merchant’s store,
 but later became a railway workshop

The first view of the 'Magnificent Seven'
We pulled into the station adjacent to the collections building where I stood a extra few seconds to take in the view of these powerhouses of British Railway technology. Although the last Deltic hauled service happened 7 months before I was born in 1982, I had heard all about these great Loco's from relatives and friends. I was lucky enough to catch 55022 'Royal Scots Grey' on it's recent return to mainline action, working in and around my local area throughout April and May on loan to GB Railfreight. But to see them all together I imagined what it must have been like to be at one of the sheds these loco's worked from in their heyday...really a wonderful sight.

We made our way around each loco, taking the pictures you see below, before making our way into and around the collection building. This was my Nana's first visit to Locomotion and she took great delight in seeing 'Hogwarts Castle' and also some of the older passenger carriages near to the back of the building. So happy she was I ended up with a pair of 'Mallard' socks from the shop as a thank you for bringing her! Bachmann had a trade stand as did the Deltic Preservation Societies that each had plenty to offer, from badges to mugs, DVD's and CD's, Prints and Posters all to secure the future of the seven Loco's outdoors.
All lined up, (right to left) No's 55016 'Gordon Highlander', 55019
'Royal Highland Fusilier' & 55002 'KOYLI'

Class 03, no D2090 on the shuttle run complete with headboard for the day

The Prototype 'Deltic' possibly one of the most striking Loco's ever made

No. 55002 'The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry'

Side view of 'KOYLI'
All you need to know

As always, one of me and a famous 'nameplate'

My Nana & Grandad on their first joint railway adventure for a few years

Me and the man responsible for my love of Railways
55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier'

55019 again flanked by 55016 'Gordon Highlander'

D9016/55016 'Gordon Highlander'

L-R: Prototype 'Deltic', 55009 'Alycidon', 55022 'Royal Scots Grey'
& 55015 'Tulyar'

Napier Deltic Headboard celebrating '50 Years' of
Deltic attached to the No1 end of 55009 'Alycidon'
55022 'Royal Scots Grey' and D9015/55015 'Tulyar'

The Cats Whiskars and Me, my Grandad took this as you can see
by the strange angle! Thanks though mate!

''Honey, I shrunk the Deltic''. At the Bachmann stand, Prototype Deltic for sale.
No 5972 'Olton Hall' / 'Hogwarts Castle' back indoors, we had enjoyed
a ride from York to Shildon & back behind her two weeks previously.
My Nana and the famous 'Hogwarts Castle' nameplate
'KOYLI' on a demonstration run, what a lovely noise!
I was pleased to catch Olton Hall as I had travelled behind her just a couple of weeks and managed to take zero photo's of her. I was quite surprised to see that the dirt collected on the day was still there for all to see, a real weathering job here! At around 11:30 we headed back outside to see the demonstration run of 'The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantary' No 55002. Although a short movement it was still a sight to behold, the rumble of those instantly recognisable engines was brilliant to hear and to see so close, as it slowly made it's way past the crowds of people and back more than a few times. At one point it passed with about 8 members of the staff in one cab, all crammed in just to get onboard! Camera's flashed and video camera's picked it all up. See my videos of the day here. After the half hour run of 'KOYLI' we made our way into the cab's of 'Deltic' and 'Alycidon' where we spoke to staff and ex-drivers of these beasts. One thing was noticable was the small windows giving the driver a very tight view of the line ahead. But very impressive nonetheless. The rain was now teaming down so we made our way back to the car park, all three of us very happy we had managed to see such a great collection of these famous and very loved Loco's.
Cabside, looking back along 'Deltic'

The engine room. WOW!

Drivers side of the cab

Me at the controls of 'Alycidon' 55009